Roof Cleaning

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We are working through Level-1 while maintaining a high standard of safety and hygiene practices at work.

Roofs can build moss, mould and lichen over the time that not only makes your house look old and dirty but also cause extensive damage that leads to leakage in the roof which could be really expensive to fix. We use professional equipment, products and methods that makes sure there is no harm to plants, pets, kids and property. If you want the tidiest house on the street and improve the life of the house call us today for free no obligation quote.

Roof Chemical washing

This is the fastest way to get rid of the moss, mould and lichen. We use the eco friendly chemical to soften the moss, mould and lichen then use low pressure soft washing method to remove it from the roof.

Roof chemical treatment

This is the most effective and safe method to eliminate moss, mould and lichen. In this method we apply the eco friendly chemical on the roof without going on the top of the roof. We leave the chemical to do the magic trick and eventually with weather action moss , mould and lichen gets washed away and prevents it from growing back for couple of years.

Helen Sian

Brilliant job on a very old dirty house! Great service, quick, friendly and affordable smile

Leana Dickey

Fantastic service and easy communication. Did a great job on house wash + gutter clean + windows inside and out. The before and after pics were insane. Thanks for the good service.

Brenda Pyke

Highly recommend. Talked to them regarding an ant problem and within an hour was there treating the problem. Will definitely use again

Julia Parker

Responded to my messages, came when we organised, gave me a great price and did a fantastic job! You can’t ask any more than that! Thank you.